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The Diana Concert

July 2nd, 2007 · No Comments

To a crowd of millions across the globe (and amazingly shown live on VH1 and MHD here), it was actually a well mixed group of artists.  Fergie actually did a good performance of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. And to my surprise (or maybe lack thereof), Take That performed 3 songs, Patience, Shine and Back for Good. That would give them great exposure to the rest of the world, namely the US. But no….VH1, buries the performance.   For obvious reasons, the concise version of the concert cuts them out.  However, inexplicably, the internet version, cuts out the best performance of their uber popular hit, “Back for Good”.  I was pissed.  Thank god for Youtube.  Fans of course uploaded the missing videos to watch.  Enjoyable as ever.  In addition, it was kind of funny seeing the Princes dance to “Shine”.  It seems, Take That, have managed to shake some of their past history and developed a broader audience given  how much the audience seemed to enjoy it.  Of course, I’m still waiting for the group to make it back on to the US shores.  They had signed a record contract with a US label a few months back.  No further word on what’s happened so far.

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