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Curacao - definitely an island paradise

May 26th, 2007 · No Comments

Dang, what a sweet vacation Curacao was. Pictures describe it better than words can. Laid back island. Not much tourists around, especially given 80% of the tourists are Dutch, and the remaining 20% are American. Of course, I went during low season. As Curacao is outside the hurricane belt, that’s just one less thing to worry about. It only rained once while I was there…and that shower lasted all of a minute.
Playa Kalki

Imagine waking up every morning to a view like this. Taken from the Lodge Kura Hulanda, this 4 star hotel met all my expectations, and should be high on your list of hotels to choose from in Curacao. Although the beach was rather small by Caribbean standards, I wasn’t there for the beach. I was there for the snorkeling. And I was not disappointed in the least.

I snorkeled out to where the sea turns dark blue, maybe an 1/8 mile out. Out there, the visibility was unbelievable. You are able to see 60-100 feet down, and the coral is still quite vivid. But the best part was having schools of fish swimming around you. That’s 360 degrees of fish. If you snorkel closer to shore, there are still plenty of fish to look at, but the coral is pretty much dead.

Anyways that’s my short scoop on my vacation. I have a 21 page travelogue stored away for future memories (I swear that I’ll have enough material to write an autobiography at this rate). And those are all good memories indeed. Well, except for the Budget Rental Car near-fiasco at the end. All I will tell you is to take pictures of your car before you drive off (thank god we did). Photographic evidence of pre-existing damage will save you more than you realize. The car itself was fine to drive, and driving in Curacao is a breeze. A lot of the time, in the western part of the island, I was the only car on the main road. People are law abiding when it comes to driving, and things are fairly well demarcated.

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