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“What a Beautiful Morning….” (Aquantive ‘AQNT’ and 24/7 Real Media ‘TFSM’)

May 19th, 2007 · No Comments

I don’t have all that much time, but the title of the old Ace of Base song is fitting indeed. I feel like a king on top of his world. On Thursday, 24/7 Real Media (TFSM) was bought out by WPP at $11.75, giving a good 225%+ return since I’ve been bullish on it back a few years ago. Now normally, I would be highly impressed. But no. To top it all off, the surprise of the century I would say. Its rare to see such premiums, but a serious bidding war must have been going for Aquantive (AQNT) which saw a 85% premium to its closing price, for a sold price of an astounding…literally astounding….$66.50. Go Microsoft! Now that’s something you would never usually hear me say. With Aquantive going at $66.50, this gives a return of over 630% since I’ve been bullish on it back in 2005. That’s a fantastic 2 1/2 year return if I may say so myself, although it falls shy of my 2000% paper gains on Ciena (CIEN)…my ultimate benchmark for share performance. But I’m dating myself. All in all, what a beautiful morning indeed…

Makes me wonder whether, there will be higher bids for 24/7 Real Media, since it seems like a take under at this point…

btw, that’s also a fantastic song, if you’ve never heard of it.

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