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Goodbye Geocities…

April 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Flash forward to today, and Yahoo is stock is now languishing. On a direct comparison, Yahoo shares have traded as low as $8.94 this year.  If you account for the three 2 for 1 stock splits since January of 1999 Yahoo shares were as low as about $72 in Jan 1999 terms.  At today’s current price of $14, the same shares are equivalent to $112, representing a still significant 10 year loss for long term shareholders.

But it’s just as well that Yahoo closed Geocities.  Personal home pages have been eclipsed by the social networking sites, and blog sites, including WordPress and Blogspot.  But it represents the end of an earlier era on the internet.  Speaking of Yahoo, at these levels, short term gains may be hard to come buy, but the stock likely represents a decent long term stock buy.  A good entry point for the stock would be less than $13.

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