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Holy $*!&A (insert expletive) China Bubble!

September 21st, 2007 · No Comments



There’s a bubble, and then there’s a fricking bubble. I will point you to two China stocks that exploded 50% in 2 days. For no reason. And they are airline stocks, which languished for an entire decade (1997-2007). Then in 2007, they’re up 1000%, well at least China Eastern Airlines (NYSE: CEA) is.

China Southern Airlines (NYSE: ZNH) - priced at $97 up from the 10s
China Eastern Airlines (NYSE: CEA) - priced at $147 up from the 10s.
Stay far far away from these stocks. There’s bound to be painful downsides to a 50% two day gain. Btw, speaking of China, take a look at Kongzhong (Nasdaq: KONG) and Sohu (Nasdaq: SOHU). What did I tell you…not shabby at all =)

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