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Upstate Medical University expansion in Binghamton

August 17th, 2007 · No Comments

Dunno how I missed this tidbit of news…

The State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University is considering expanding its Binghamton Clinical Campus, a branch of the medical university’s College of Medicine.

The Binghamton Clinical Campus will need additional space to accommodate SUNY Upstate’s plan to boost its College of Medicine enrollment by 30 percent, from 160 to 200 students, and to also headquarter the College of Health Professionals’ new physician-assistant program, set to begin in 2009, says Dr. David Smith, president of SUNY Upstate.

Currently, 25 percent of the College of Medicine’s third- and fourth-year students are based at the Binghamton Clinical Campus for clinical education.

New York City–based John G. Waite Associates, Architects is evaluating a 123,300 square-foot building located a few hundred yards from the campus’ current smaller location at 425 Robinson St. in Binghamton to determine how much it will cost to restore and renovate the historic building.

The building was home to the New York State Inebriate Asylum in 1858, the Binghamton Asylum for the Chronic Insane in 1879, and the Binghamton State Hospital in 1890. The hospital was renamed in 1974 as the Binghamton Psychiatric Center. The building was closed in 1993 following the collapse of a portion of the building’s west wall.

Lots of medical schools are planning on expansion to meet the physician shortage that will only get more acute going into the next decade. I just cannot forsee how they will be able to fit more students into the Binghamton campus. It was already full as is 3 years ago, with students being sent to Guthrie in Sayre, PA as part of their rotations. The current clinical campus, renovated at the beginning of the decade within the psych center feels modern, and provides ample space for current students. I have the feeling that renovating that really old building (and yes I’ve seen it…and have a nice picture in front of it) is a waste of taxpayer money (that’s coming from a non New York state resident). It will take a lot of money to renovate that place. I mean, heck, that building is 150 years old and falling apart.

Speaking of which, I wish I could see the new addition to Weiskotten Hall in Syracuse.  Apparently the opening of the Setnor Building is happening at the end of the month.  There wasn’t all that much space to place a new building (on top of a small parking lot), but they managed to anyways.

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