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Scrubs - The Musical

January 21st, 2007 · No Comments

I got around to watching the musical episode from last week…and it reminds me why I think Scrubs is the best comedy out there today (and the only show that I still watch on NBC - NBC are you listening?). It was quirky, funny…and catchy too. It’s kinda amazing that it’s ratings aren’t better than they are. I mean where you can make a “poo” song and have it last 2 minutes long? Or have “amoxcillin-clavulanate” as the refrain to the chorus? Yes, they actually used generic terms instead of brand names. Here’s hoping there will be a season 7 before it gets pushed into the relics pile. Apparently even if NBC does not renew the show, ABC will pick it up courtesy of Touchstone Studios.

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