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The power of AJAX

February 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

AJAX is cropping up on all sorts of websites, and its up and coming stature in the world of web programming nearly missed me. The most prominent place I’ve noticed it on is at Yahoo Finance and, where the stock quotes are automatically updated without a page refresh, which I thought was the neatest thing.

Well lo and behold, I finally put something on my site that is in AJAX…and wow, it is visually stunning. I couldn’t believe it until I tested it. So, go sample some AJAX yourself at my Westlife pics site. I only put up 10 pictures as a trial, but it looks as good as Flash, without needing a download for a flash player. I can actually put up personal photos with a touch of a button (or FTP rather), and it automatically generates the thumbnails and such. It also eats up bandwidth, which I don’t care to much for, but oh well.

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